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1. Calculate Natal Charts for You and Your Partner

At one time or other, most of us have a relationship or at least a fling with our opposite sign. It can be very meaningful. I think there is hope here, but you have to communicate and think of a way to work through the freedom and space problems. This person may not give you the stability you need in a relationship. Try to see if you can work it out, but be aware that maybe you won't.

A Virgo Sun person is witty, intelligent, a good communicator, a big talker, and very health conscious. Most Earth signs are nature lovers. The Aquarius Moon rules emotions. They can run hot and cold with this position, leaving you not knowing where you stand. You feel like a nonconformist sometimes, so the Earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn ground you.

Capricorn rising is the way others see you. It's much the same as the Sun traits.

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You hold your cards close to the vest. You don't show others how much you feel, you are emotional, but don't admit it much. You hold things in. It says you think you are always right and want your own way! All of these are fixed, or stubborn signs. So you may want to try to see things from the other person's point of view once in a while. This is only the Trinity, so there are other planets in zodiac signs in your chart. The Leo Sun means you are outgoing and like people, parties, all kinds of events that get you out and about.

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The Aquarius Moon rules emotions, so even though you like people, it's in a distant way sometimes, like you are trying to figure them out. Which you are since you have Scorpio rising. You come off as a bit intimidating, and it takes time for you to warm up to others. But once you do, you are a kind, loyal, and sensitive friend. The Aquarius in you probably will get you to advocate for a cause you believe in at some point in your life.

Were you or a loved one born when the moon was in Libra?

All in all, it's not a bad trinity, it's a small portion of your chart. Just don't expect everyone to be bossed around by you! Your Gemini sun means you are a good communicator, intelligent, have a very active mind, get bored easily, but are friendly and outgoing.

You are a fast learner and generally, know a little bit about everything. The Aquarius moon represents your emotions, and you puzzle others because you run hot and cold. You may seem to care deeply one day, and not call for a week. It's a humanitarian sign, so you probably have a pet cause or two and volunteer somewhere, or have a charity you care about. Cancer rising is the facade you put on when others first meet you. You seem kind, friendly, helpful, and can charm others quite easily.

Jupiter in Relationship Astrology: A Philosophical Love Match?

Cancer is a leadership sign, and others will ask you for guidance. You seem sensitive and have an artistic side. The Aries midheaven doesn't tell me anything unless I have a natal birth chart sitting in front of me. I don't know if planets are in houses at your midheaven, or if any important planetary aspects are. I am a Leo sun, Aquarius moon and Cancer rising. What kind of person am I and who am I most compatible with? What is my overall personality? When I have problems, what things do you suggest for me to work on in my life? The Libra Sun means you are friendly and like to be in partnerships, whether a business or romantic one.

Libras are ruled by Venus, so you are gentle and will go out of your way not to argue with others.

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You love nice things and have a good eye for clothing and art. You look at situations from all sides. So it may seem like you can't make up your mind, but that's not it. Fairness is important to you.

Moon in Libra

The Aquarius Moon rules your emotions, so you are ruled by your head in love, though the Libra and Pisces in you helps that a little bit. You want freedom in a relationship, and have a lot of interests. You will be fine as long as a partner understands this. But Aquarius is a fixed sign, so you are a bit stubborn. You have an independent streak. Pisces Rising is the way others see you. So you come off as kind and a good listener.

Pisces is a psychic sign, so you can read others very easily. It's also a creative sign, so you are probably good at art, music, or something of that nature. Being Libra and Pisces, you could let others take advantage of your kind nature too much. But Libras can assert themselves and usually have goals. The Aquarius Moon is fixed, and you have a philanthropic side. You may want to volunteer someplace that matters to you. I can't really tell a lot from the Trinity we have here. You are a likable and fun person, with an unconventional streak.

Also, all of your planets are in a zodiac sign, so I can't see them without casting a chart.

5 Differences Between A Scorpio Sun And Scorpio Moon Sign

How compatible are we? The Libra Sun means you can't imagine life without a partner, as Libra is the marriage sign. It's an independent air sign, so you are a leader and a good communicator. You love nice things, but will work hard for them. Libras are symbolized by the balance, so you may often not express yourself, for fear of starting a fight.

But the Aquarius moon makes you more opinionated and fixed in your views, and you do stand up for your beliefs.

You are a humanitarian and get involved in causes. I can see you getting involved in politics.

Capricorn Sun And The 12 Different Moon Signs! [Capricorn Man/Woman] [Sun & Moon Astrology]

A person with both Sun and Moon in the same sign, Pisces, means what you see is what he is. Pisces is a spiritual sign, and he is dreamy and loving. He is very sensitive and may not have clear goals. He is accepting and if you are close and are in pain, he feels your pain. His emotional nature is also very loving and sentimental, he's artistic, charming, a good lover, a good story teller.

His attention wanders and he needs time alone.

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