Libra parent child compatibility

What are the characteristics of a Libra child?

By seeing which is more important, ease or appearance, you can determine the correct choice for any given situation. Children can learn a lot by modeling themselves after people with a positive self-image -- but as parents you two will have to balance this by teaching your children how to do things that make them proud of what they do. From the beginning, Leo will want to teach children the physically-oriented "how-tos" of life, such as how to walk, run, and ride a bike. Both of you will be good disciplinarians, but not for the purpose of punishment. Libra dotes and Virgo fusses, so you two can create a very pleasant parental combination.

Libra has a beautiful vision of what childhood should be like, and Virgo will execute it with precision and efficiency. You may pass on hand-me-downs as time goes on, but no one will be able to tell the clothing or toys in question are anything but good-as-new. Children will be taught to take care of -- if not pamper -- everything they own.

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Discipline will be a team effort between you two parents. Libra will be able to determine what a fair punishment for any given offense might be; while Virgo will be exacting about making sure every "debt" is paid. Do you think personal issues might be interfering with your ability to maintain a healthy relationship? Libra people like to work when the work appeals to them. The daily grind or raising children, including such not-so-glamorous acts as changing diapers and wiping noses, might not hold enough appeal.

Between the two of you, you should be able to fairly divide the parental duties, though. You two can be somewhat wishy-washy when it comes to discipline. A strong-willed nanny or older relative might have to intervene. Libra and Scorpio are two totally different kinds of parents. Libra likes to let things ride, and often will avoid confrontation because it disturbs the peace they needs.

Scorpio will do this not only to children, but also to the Libra co-parent. As long as you two understand your individual personalities as well as the nature of your relationship, you should be rather successful as parents. Scorpio obviously makes the better disciplinarian, but Libra will often have to step in to settle the inevitable struggles between parent and child.

Your children can expect to learn much from watching your relationship, and you they can come from two totally different places and still achieve love and harmony. You will recognize the meaning of "pride and joy" from the moment you meet your first baby. Libra will be proud that such a beautiful creature has graced the earth, and Sagittarius will be overjoyed to have someone to play with! The daily routine will need some work if you two ever hope to get it established.

Libra has a tendency to put off getting down to work, and Sagittarius often becomes distracted and scattered. Neatness could become an issue rather early on, as the pileup of laundry and equipment becomes an avalanche. You two will have to take things one day at a time if you hope to keep things peaceful and manageable. When it comes to discipline, both of you will easily identify the right thing to do; but neither will want to risk enforcing the punishment.

Ignite your personal power! Check out our Revelation Tarot reading for the guidance you need for a breakthrough. As a Libra and Capricorn you two will be able to offer your children clear direction, at least most of the time.

Libra Child

Both of you like to get things started, and might need help following through. Needless to say, Capricorn will be the one to set the tone -- and the boundaries -- for your entire household. Libra will encourage the children to pursue all their talents, from high mathematics to music and art; Capricorn will go along with this to some degree, but also steer your offspring toward professions that lead to large incomes and unquestionable security.

Libra and Aquarius Libra and Aquarius make good friends, but you must struggle as parents to get beyond the realm of the theoretical. This unforgettable novel about a little girl—who stands up against her unfair parents and schools with outsize intelligence, a curious mind, and some psychic ability—will speak to little Libra's innate sense of justice.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Libra will swoon for Bronte's romance, mystery, and sweeping language in this classic novel of love, kindness, and what it means to grow up and come into your own. Whether you give your Libra baby a unique name or a popular name, trust that his or her personality will be memorable whatever he or she is called.

Names for Libra Boys: Trendsetting and trend-loving, Libra's "the more, the merrier" personality is well suited for popular names. Alternatively, worldly Libra loves learning new things and exploring new realms, so a name from your own heritage or a popular name from a country you adore—like Giovanni Italy , Nuveen India , or Abasi Kenya —will inspire your Libra boy for life.

Names for Libra Girls: Similar to her brother Libras, a Libra girl won't have a problem being one of many Emmas in her class. Or you can search popular names from other cultures: Ines France , Rashmi Sri Lanka , and Aoife Ireland can help your Libra girl fit in wherever her adventures take her.

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Curious, imaginative, and often up for anything, Libra children love exploring the world around them. They're happy to believe in fairies, elves, and trolls, and they'll dig holes, climb trees, and look under bridges to find these creatures. They also adore meeting new kids, and are happy to call someone their friend even if they've only just met while waiting at the bottom of the slide.

A Libra child goes with the flow, innately trusting and loving his or her guardians, depending on them to reveal the wonders of the world. A Libra child can't stand negativity, even from an early age. They may cry when they hear a raised voice, even if it's just on the TV, and they sense when Mom or Dad is upset, which can cause them to be unhappy and clingy.

Little Libras can be extra sensitive, and may need extra help to learn that just because someone told them "no," it doesn't mean that they aren't loved or cherished. As young Librans grow up, they may find themselves bristling against their parent's rules, or disappointed to learn that their parents are just as complicated and flawed as everyone else.

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Even though a Libra is adept at seeing different perspectives, he or she may resent other people's imperfections—and may use that against them. This sign believes in fairness and wants to make sure that they and their siblings are parented in exactly the same way—a different lunch or unequal amount of cookies will cause a temper tantrum. Let them get mad. Libras should know that it's okay to get mad, and you still love them even when they're angry. Practicing conflict with you will make it that much easier for them to effectively resolve conflicts with others.

Give them space and time to play. Libras are incredibly intelligent, but part of their early learning involves getting free range on the playground as well as structured movement activities. Letting them interact freely with their peers is invaluable to this little social butterfly.

Play music. Music calms, soothes, and inspires tiny Libras. Filling your home with a regular "soundtrack" is key to creating a harmonious environment for your Libra child. A Libra teenager believes in all forms of justice, from life at home through global geopolitics. Realizing that the world isn't just or fair can bring them great anger or unhappiness.

Channeling that sense of social justice, whether into creative pursuits, local activism, or volunteer work, can help.

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Libra teens are also incredibly interested in who their parents are as people, so being honest with them especially about mistakes and missteps can go a long way toward solidifying your connection. Libra teenagers are intelligent. They'll work hard when motivated, but they know that grades aren't everything and won't pursue an A if it means giving up their quality of life.

Sleep, socializing, and downtime are all extremely important to the Libra teen, and they know that a balanced life is key to a happy life—something that their parents may need to learn from them. A Libra teen loves art in all forms and may get seriously involved in the arts as he or she gets older. Watch them, cheer them on, but don't crowd them or give them unsolicited advice. Art is how they express themselves, and crowding too closely could make them resentful. Have a phone curfew or ask them to stay home for a family game night—although they may initially grumble, they need it.

A signature look: Sure, all teens like experimenting with their looks, but Librans are all about owning their style, and they may spend hours trying on different outfit combinations. Dishonesty: Did you dabble in bad behavior when you were a teen? Tell your Libra about it; they'll find out anyway. Criticism: This sign can be their own toughest critic, so be careful what you say to them.

Libra Child — Libra Parent

Negativity: While arguments are a part of life, trying to keep raised voices to a minimum around Libra will lower his or her stress level. Seeing the big picture from day one, the Libra parent does his or her best not to get overwhelmed by the details of parenting as he or she raises the next generation of independent thinkers and good people.

Because Libras are so good at seeing and appreciating multiple perspectives and viewpoints, they realize that their child is a unique personality who may be very different than them. They try to be as careful as possible with their children's feelings, giving them space to grow and providing loose some might say "free range" guardrails.

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